Iman Packaging industry has been provided its infrastructure in 2012 with the establishment of hair serum manufacturing unit and by setting it up in 2013 consistently started its work in the cosmetic industry and hair and skin care and beauty products . Iman packaging industy as one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetic products in the Middle East plays an important role in relation to increasing people's access to these products . This company by producing more than 2500 types of specialized products related to the health and skin and hair care , dental , cosmetic and so on in 30 different brands such as Crystal , Renuzit , Afshid , Fabregas , Top Shop , Super Star , Black Berry , Pratsom , Garni , Aromatic , Baraka , MTC , Challenge , Formes , Odorant , Duma , Kidsland , Mozila , Fabregas , Dermo Land , Safe Land , Euro One , White Rose , Hanadi , ... which in terms of quality are competitive with foreign ones , is looking for health promotion and community satisfaction . At the endless road of quality , Iman company efforts to produce wide range of cosmetic products and meet the needs of different segments of society , including the medical community . Iman cosmetics factory has the glory of continuous benefit from the knowledge of professors and scholars of inside and outside universities and therefore continuously applies the most updated knowledge and applies science and technology in the processing of their products . From the features of Iman company having research and control laboratories , equipped with the most advanced scientific instruments and equipments and complying the standard guidelines (GMP) , the World health organization (WHO) and receiving ISO-9001:2008 certification is in close relationship with the most prestigious scientific and research centers . The formulation of the products in this company are approved and controlled with the most advanced and accurate laboratory methods resulting in high quality of the made products by maintaining the chemical properties of the materials and appropriate efficiency which is comparable with the samples of foreign trade . This factory due to its high scientific potential and special place in the eyes of Iranian consumers because of having various and validated brands , has been activated its export sector and exports its products to countries such as United Arabic Emirates , Azerbaijan , Iraq , Oman , Qatar , Kuwait and Afghanistan and other neighboring countries . Iman factory now offers to the cosmetic market over 250 cosmetic products which have the production license from Food and Drug Administration and also intends other products in various stages of research and preparation to obtain a health permit and manufacture in the future .


Iman packaging industry from the beginning of establishment , has build its apostolate according to following responsibilities :

• Creating healthy job opportunities
• Creating desired values for all of stakeholders
• Visionary and inspirational leadership , coupled with stability in goals
• Decision and management of organization through a class of related and continuous systems , processes and realities
• Attracting maximum participation of personnel through development of communications and involving them in the affairs
• Constant monitoring of present situation and making change to innovation
• Identifying current and future needs of customers and efforting to respond effectively to the expectations of stakeholders
• Supporting and empowering the personnel in order to continually upgrade the quality of products and services
• Achievement to the strategic goals and results that satisfy all stakeholders .


• Offering and consulting in the formulation of new products • Modification and revision in the formulation of existing products in order to improve the quality of products • Innovation of analyses method and validation of it • Research collaboration in order to improve technology and access to top technologies • In vivo and in vitro studies • Creativity , innovation and entrepreneurship and providing differentiated products and services with the best quality and most reasonable price Eventually , Iman company hopes to stay soon on the level of largest and best-equipped units of cosmetic products with regard to its scientific capacity , personnel , technical and modern machinery in the Middle East serving dear compatriots and other countries of the world . But Iman today in addition to maintaining its original values in order to maintain and improve the quality of the products concerns over the manufacturing process . We intend to ensure the health of the people in this area by producing the finest and most extensive range of products and earning the “confidence and satisfaction” of our deer consumers is our highest goal . Iman packaging industry in its growing trend and achievement of its goals , has succeeded in obtaining various certificates and honors . Some of them are as follows : • Owner ISO 9001 certification from German TÜV company • Conference Celebrating the effective and efficient managements in economic epic in 2014 • Thanks to the festival's top entrepreneurs Alborz Province in 2015 • Thanks to the festival of unique units of Alborz Province in 2015 • Festival appreciation of the rights of consumers 2016 • Thanks to the festival of unique units of Alborz Province in 2016 • Thanks to the festival of unique units of Alborz Province in 2017 • Thanks to the festival's top entrepreneurs Alborz Province in 2017 • Festival appreciation of the rights of consumers 2017 license in 90 separate production line of cosmetic products and detergents from the Ministry of Industry , Mine and Trade


The company knows the main indicator of its success to ensure satisfaction of dear consumers and applicants and to meet people's needs . According to this health and quality assurance unit , based on the belief that only quality and continuous superiority which marks a bright future for cosmetic industry , by using the latest databases of medical , chemical and pharmaceutical and using skilled and experienced specialists and researchers and also with the most modern machines used in the analysis and quantification of materials, the latest FDA quality control guidelines and international standards in quality assessment of made products and at all stages of order to buy basic hygiene supplies and accessories , packaging supplies , used water as well as the environment of production and even to the warehouse of finished product with considering the relevant requirements, by using reference materials and calibrated equipments in accordance with the principles and standards of GMP and GPQC are controlled and tested . Documentation and records are properly ( electronic and paper ) collected and stored at all stages . Despite of all necessary controls , the final manufactured product , even after leaving the company and marketing is under investigation with periodic testing of stability and PMQC