Biphasic Hair Mask

Biphasic Hair Mask

Properties :

. A strong hair volumizer

. No need to rinse

. Causes high softness and tenderness of hair

. Reinforcement and hydration of  hair   ( including root , shaft and tip of hair )

. With antibacterial and antifungal properties and effective in eliminating of dandruff and eczema

. Utilizable for both men and women

. Nourishing and healing hair walls because of hydrolyzed keratin

 keratin compounds cause penetration in gaps on the cuticle  of the hair which has arisen due to  oxidant in hair color and mesh and cause injection of large amounts of protein in that area . On the other hand by creating a lining layer in the form of  disulfide bonds gradually cause restoration and strengthening of damaged hairs . Keratin componds have the duty of hydrating and norishing of hairs .

  • brightening and shining of hairs because of silicone compounds

 These compounds in mask give softening property to the hairs and with leaving no Greasy on hair and skin and by having refractive index ability cause dazzling brilliance of hairs and make combability of hairs more convenient . They also with cration of a crystalline layer on the surface of the hair increase the tissue resistance of hairs against hair dryer and hair iron as well as by creation of mask like cover on hair and absorption of utraviolet ray protects hair against harmful ray of sunlight such as a filter .