Biphasic Hair Mask

Anti Acne Pack

As the hormonal changes happen in adolescence , before menstrual period and sometimes in middle-aged , skin may experience an increase in oil and sweating and lose its glow . MND Anti-spot pack is for accelerating the removal of Pimples and regulate sebum secretion , decrease sebaceous gland secretion , prevent the transmission of bacteria and inflammation. Anti-spot pack is a great product for local treatment of acne and inflammation . This package contains multi-product , including a (1) Face Scrub Cream that utilizes fruit acids to gently exfoliate the outer layer of the skin , as well as strong bleaching compounds in this product such as kogic acid and alpha arbutin and herbal extracts that make skin lighter . MND face scrub cream reduce the melanin synthesis by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme and also with separating the surface layer of dead skin cells and the old layer , make the skin young by skin rejuvenation . This cream helps effectively fade and remove dark spots causing caused by age , sunlight with two processes of lightening and exfoliating., (2) anti-acne gel with the very powerful antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects of tea tree oil , along with supplements , essential oils and vitamins in this product , cause immediate cure for Pimples , Also (3) the facial mask that clean and moisturize the skin , is suitable for all skin types , including dry , oily and sensitive skin .

Method of use : Apply Face scrub cream on acne or pimple marks the first two or four days . properly applying cream at night or before bed at night . After two to four days , apply an anti- acne gel on pimples . Apply anti acne gel twice a day in the morning and at night . During the use of anti acne gel , use face mask at night. It is recommended to use the face mask , 2-3 times a week .