Aloevera Shampoo

Anti Hair Loss Pack

Professional Anti-hair Fall Pack contains Set of five Anti-hair fall shampoo and two Anti-hair fall tonic . Anti-Hairfall system of shampoo Formulated with caffeine complex that stimulates the hair roots , prolongs the growth phase and tonic which is contains powerful ingredients such as Henna , Horsetail , Salvia , Nettle , Rosemary and other potent extracts to increase scalp circulation and overall scalp and hair health .Henna extract is antifungal , anti-dandruff and hair enhancer , and penetrates the hair cortex layer , which provides the strength of a hair fibre and makes it soft and silky . The Horsetail extract contains a lot of aluminum , potassium , manganese and other flavannoids . Due to its free soluble silica that can be absorbed by the scalp , this extract stimulates and grows  hair . Myrtle extract is valued for its astringent properties and promotes growth of hair . Nettle extract prevents hair loss and is rich in vitamins , calcium , carotene , iron , folic acid , potassium , magnesium , zinc and protein , which by proper nutrition of the skin and hair follicles , exacerbate hair growth. Vitamins and nutrients in these extracts direct effect on the hair follicle and provides conditions for growth , strengthening and stiffness of hair shaft and also add Freshness , brilliance  and strength to hair . MND Anti-hair Fall Pack help restore fragile, thinning hair by energising and stimulating the scalp. It helps revitalise the scalp and encourages the growth of thicker , fuller hair with no side effects .

 Direction of Usage

Apply shampoo thoroughly to wet hair , massage the scalp to evenly distribute shampoo application . Rinse thoroughly and repeat if desired . For best results massage the scalp with anti-hair fall tonic after rinsing off with anti-hair fall shampoo and recommends waiting at least three to four hours due to penetrate the hair root well . For Chronic hair problems , regular use of anti-hair fall tonic along with Shampoo is advised for at least 3 to 4 months .