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Cooling Gel Pack

Muscle pains is a common pain that almost everyone has experienced . It may be mild to very severe and intolerable . It usually gets good in a few days and sometimes it may take months , and they can be seen anywhere on the body from the neck to the waist , thighs , legs , knees , arms or even hands . Muscle pain often occurs due to overuse during work and exercise following muscle injuries and overstretching . This pain may begin during the actual activity or develops after some time . The onset of this pain is 24 to 48 hours following physical activity . When you exercise physical activity that puts too much pressure on your muscles and they are not so strong to withstand the pressure , the muscle fibers are pulled out and created microscopic ruptures . These injuries occure one or two days after the activity and cause aches in the muscles due to inflammation and release of chemicals in human body . If a person suffers from muscular aches , it can significantly reduce the effects of pain by using MND Cooling Gel . It should be explained that this gel is completely herbal and absorbed through the skin without side effects .

This gel is a real treatment for all the physical and muscular pain that can be guaranteed its impression in all conditions .

The menthol in MND Cooling Gel selectively stimulate the cold sensory receptors and causes cold feeling and the blood vessels become dilated following with an anti analgesic effect . In addtion , the use of base gel in this product promotes rapid absorption in the area used and as a result , pain relieves the skin quickly .

 Claims :

1) Improve muscle , joint pain , rheumatism and arthritis , back pain , muscle stiffness and bruising

2) Treatment of sports injuries , torsion and vascular trauma

3) Suitable for the types of fractures and ecchimosis

Method of Use :

Before using this gel , clean the area of ​​pain. Then apply a small amount of MND Cooling Gel on the area where you feel muscle or joint pain and gently massage until the gel is completely absorbed through the skin . The coolness of the gel is due to the presence of menthol and xyllitol in the product , which reduces pain in the shortest possible time . Repeat this at least twice a day .