BB Cream

BB Cream

Properties :

. It is used for foundation ( infrastructure ) of skin .

. Words foundation and concealer are the same material as the foundation and concealing the freckles .

. Contains a cream structure and easily combines with skin .

. Regulates oil production , removes shine from fat and resistant against perspiration .

. Have been tested on 880F with 80% humidity to avoid cleaning .

. Leaves natural and invisible cover on skin .

. Removes stains , bruise and wrinkle around the eyes . Removes spots caused by aging .

. Healing scars , stitches , tattoos .

. Contains sunscreen with spf 30 that protects against UV rays of sunlight .

. Because of having moisturizing and softening properties , reinforces the skin's protective layer .

. Removes skin dryness and is effective in restoration of skin cells .

 Aquaphyline in this foundation cream has a role in hydration and water protection in epidermis . This material is rich in oligosaccharides which are derived from wild red violet . Aquaphyline increases water retention capacity of the epidermis by increasing hyaluronic acid level in the epidermis and enhances the activity of D44 hydration receptor on keratinocytes surface and increases hyaluronic synthesis .

Auqphyline also maintains softness and plasticity mode of skin and prevents the creation of wrinkle.

Whitonyl inhibits synthesis of SCF stem cells which are intermediate in signal transmission of pigments created by sun. According to this effect causes the loss of these pigments and gives the skin high lightening and transparence .